Hot Topics

Below are a list of my hot topics. If there is a topic you would like me to speak on that you don’t see here please feel free to send me a message. I would love to look over your ideas and see if I can draft up a message specific to your event.

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Inner Beauty– As a fashion blogger, I touch on the latest trends for the upcoming season to help girls polish their outer appearances. I also focus on character building to help girls polish their inner appearances because while trends change, a beautiful heart is always in style.


Body Image– My goal is to remind girls that they are enough exactly as they are. As a former pageant girl I want to inspire girls that confidence is not a specific weight, sticking to a strict diet or fitting into a size 0. Sharing healthy tips that are practical for everyday living with a mindset to be an overcomer is my passion.


Friendship– Finding like-minded friends is crucial to keeping us on track, however we must recognize that there is beauty in our differences. Sharing the key to finding community when you feel all alone, and how to be the trustworthy friend everyone needs.


Comparison– In the age of social media, it’s hard to not become distracted by comparison. However, we can be overcomers by choosing contentment. I love to share practical ways to stop comparing our everyday lives to someone’s highlight reel and to remind girls of their self worth.


Loneliness– Tired of being single and feeling unwanted? Surrounded by a group of people but you still feel all alone? Sharing how to kick loneliness when circumstances seem helpless and nothing is changing.


Identity– Sharing my personal story of finding purpose beyond what you do and when life suddenly changes. Placing our identity in something bigger than personal success is essential. When seasons change and we are no longer in the same season of life we can still be content and have peace.


Confidence– Maintaining a humble confidence is essential to remain secure in who we are as individuals. I love to remind young women that they are enough exactly the way they are and that they have been gifted with their personality, skill sets and talents for a purpose.


Making a Difference– Making a difference in the lives of others brings us fulfillment and gives us purpose. Sharing ways to live intentionally and make others feel valued and loved is my passion. Serving others not only makes a difference in this world, but brings us fulfillment as well.