Nordstrom Try-On Session (September)

Nordstrom Try-On Session (September)

Hey, guys wanted to share with you a Nordstrom try-on session I did this week for fall! Let me just tell ya, I have been trying to make fall happen here in Dallas with long sleeves, jeans, and booties…but it’s just not happening. Those who follow me on Instagram saw my spray tan literally sliding off my neck in stories because I was sweating so much #pastygirlprobs. What can I say, running errands in long sleeves is hard work when it’s 95 degrees outside.

I walked into Nordstrom and found some fun sweaters, dresses and even a few workwear pieces as well. Even though I work from home, I still like to dress up for “work” because it’s just more fun that way (I like structure can you tell lol?) Needless to say, I like to be prepared for fall and stock up on all the sweaters and fall items now. Who doesn’t love all the layers and of course pumpkin spice?

You can shop all the looks at the end of this post!

Speaking of pumpkin spice doesn’t this top remind you of your favorite candle? Just me, ok haha. If pumpkin spice/rust isn’t your color it also comes in creme and black! All you need is a pair of booties and some statement earrings and you’ve got yourself an outfit!

Love these sweaters by Love by Design they are only $45 and come in ivory and baby blue.



Say hello to the perfect shirt! Literally…that’s what it’s called and I couldn’t agree more. We all need a few button downs in our closet to throw on when we’re in a rush. This is a great one! You could pair it with a denim jacket or even a cardigan like the one hanging up to the right of me in this pic.


And now for the dress that everyone rants and raves over! Not going to lie, it’s WORTH the hype. It is so flattering and the perfect LBD, but it also comes in 10 other colors besides black.

This is one of those dresses you can wear spring, summer, and fall. For fall all you need is a little cardigan like this cute one from Leith at Nordstrom.


For your casual days here’s another LBD. I can definitely see someone wearing this to a Saturday brunch or even a football game (lol my first thought is always… “can I wear that to a game” #sportsister).


Ok denim with a stripe is so in right now and Nordstrom has so many options…I will link some of my other favorites below as well. Of course, I went for the neutral options. When in doubt, I always pick white, black, nude or blush.


Ok, now this is fun! I know my face doesn’t show it here (because at this point I was starving #alwayshungry) but I got way too excited when I saw this on the rack! I’m in love with all suits right now and this one has the houndstooth print with a fun asymmetrical skirt. Basically, you’re getting 3 fall trends in one outfit! SCORE!


Last but not least is the fun leopard frill pantsuit! Every time I wear this people will come out of the blue like girl where did you get that pantsuit. It’s the crowd favorite of the season FOR SURE!

Hope you find something cute for fall in this try-on sesh! Let me know if you want me to do more of these and if so from which stores? 🙂











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