Letting Go of Fear & the What-Ifs

Letting Go of Fear & the What-Ifs

Letting go of fear can be the hardest thing for us to do. Sometimes we just get so wrapped up in the “what-ifs” that our feet become frozen. I definitely don’t have all the answers on how to let go of fear but I know someone who does. God has a way of giving us exactly what we need when we run to him in complete trust. I hope this video encourages your heart to choose faith over fear because it will give you so much peace and FREEDOM.

Join me in the Nordstrom’s parking lot for a little encouragement. ?P.S. I don’t know why, but the car ride is often where I get the best ideas. I guess I’m just deep in thought behind the wheel. I will have a thought pop into my head with an idea for a message to share… and I’m like ok let’s do this. Does this ever happen to you too? Or am I the only ones It must be all of the windshield time traveling from the suburbs to Dallas…it’s a trek for sure.

Today’s video is all about letting go of our fears and the what-ifs! Don’t allow fear to keep you from living out your purpose and making the most of each day! I recorded this video from a place of conviction because it’s something that I am working on in my own life. We’re all just works in progress striving to get better each day! I hope this message encourages your heart the way it did mine!



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