Healthiest Fruits & Best Times to Eat

Healthiest Fruits & Best Times to Eat

I like to call fruit nature’s dessert because it’s the perfect summer treat. This week in Dallas it’s 100+ degrees outside, and all I want to do is eat fruit and drink lots of water. However, some fruits can have A LOT of sugar and carbs, which is why I did a little research to pick out the healthiest fruits! So what are the healthiest fruits? And when is the best time to eat them? These are the questions I’m tackling today on the blog.

I try to stick to a low sugar and carb diet so knowing the nutrition facts is important before picking what fruits I eat. Below I have included a list of the sugar and carbohydrate facts from some popular fruits to help you decide the best fruits for you.

Sometimes it’s easier to grab chips or crackers when we need something fast. However, fruit is such a great replacement and a fast snack if we prep ahead of time! I have found that washing fruit at the beginning of the week and portioning them into little baggies is a great way to keep myself from resorting to packaged food. It only takes me about 5 minutes to wash the fruit for the week! So definitely a great way to implement healthier foods into your everyday diet.

Berries, watermelon, and avocado are all great options because they are low in sugars and carbs! Hope this short little guide helps you the next time you go grocery shopping!

Hope this short little guide helps you the next time you go grocery shopping! Comment below and share your favorite fruits! How do you like to incorporate fruit into your diet?


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