Affordable & Adorable Workout Clothes

Affordable & Adorable Workout Clothes

No matter what time of year, I love afforable workout sets…who doesn’t? The best thing about workout clothes is that they’re not “season-based” clothing. Meaning you can transition a bright purple set from spring all the way to winter and no one is judging. ? Workout clothes give you the most bang for your buck, and you can wear them anytime anyplace (especially with the athleisure trend still going strong).

But ladies, let’s be real, sometimes workout clothes can get pricey. So I wanted to highlight my favorite affordable workout clothes and where I buy the majority of my sets from.

First Up: JoyLab.

I cannot rant and rave more about this Target line. Yes, that’s right TARGET…our favorite store! They have the cutest yoga pants ever and they are always coming out with new pieces. Not only do they keep it fresh, but their clothes are so comfortable and breathable (which is important if you’re working up a sweat ?).

Second: Dicks Sporting Goods

I like going to this popular sporting goods spot to find little t-shirts to throw on with a cute pair of yoga pants. I found this red Adidas that matched perfectly with a pair of Joylab pants. And good news girlies it’s currently $19.99… say what?!

Third Stop: Forever 21

This store has had my heart for a long time. I love looking for the latest trends at F21 in general but their workout clothes are also super cute and affordable! It never fails, I always end up with a white workout top in my shopping cart. This is my favorite spot for cute cutout tops because they showcase a cute sports bra without baring too much skin.

Here are my current favs right now!

Investment Yoga Pants: Lulu Lemon

Ok guys, if you’re looking for a pair that will last you for 6 years this is the place for you. About 6-7 years ago I bought two black pairs of Lulu Lemon yoga pants and I still have them. On year three one of the pairs got a little rip in the stitching so I brought it up to their store at North Park Mall in Dallas and they hemmed it up for free.

Lulu Lemon is my favorite upscale brand that I have worn thus far because of their…

  1. Awesome Quality
  2. Sweat-Proof Material
  3. Slimming Fit
  4. Great Customer Service

These are my infamous black pair that I wear all of the time!


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