Hey, friends!

I’m Hannah Hoover, a recent Journalism and Communications grad from the University of Florida pursuing my fashion blogging and inspirational speaking dream. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas I am the big sis to two lil’ bros Josh and Caleb with two amazing parents. I absolutely adore my family! Faith and family are everything to me! Whether it be faith, fashion, beauty or lifestyle, my heart is to encourage and inspire women to be their very best!


Those who have known me for a while probably saw me doing something in fashion since I was like 4.  Accessorizing, styling outfits and of course, lipstick have always been my things.

So what’s this blog all about? I will be showing how to style the latest trends for the season, where to shop them for the best deal, new makeup and hair looks and of course fun lifestyle elements like fitness and food.

Three words to describe my style are chic, classy and glamorous. And I’m definitely not afraid to branch out and try new trends that are a little edgy too.

hannah victoria style

My heart behind this blog is to keep it real with you and help make your life easier when it comes to shopping! Some days I will share my favorite ball caps, workout clothes jeans or casual wear. Other days I will be glammed up with chic and classic looks, heels and of course, some fun high fashion looks too.

To me, this blog isn’t limited to clothes, hair products, and makeup. It’s about beauty inside out and using this avenue to inspire others. It’s no question that I love to stay up with the trends, dress cute, and look glamorous, but polishing my inner beauty has always been the most important to me.

Since high school, I have been leading character studies and doing a lot of motivational speaking. My heart is to encourage and inspire girls and women alike to put the focus on our inner beauty because that’s what truly matters and what makes us beautiful. So in addition to fashion, I’m implementing an inspirational segment called Beauty Treatments of the Heart where I will be talking about growing in our character. I will also address hot topics that all of us girls face and how we can be overcomers.


I hope my little space on the Internet encourages and inspires you to be your best you: beautiful from the inside and out!!!

I’m so excited to start this journey in the fashion industry as I combine all of my passions into one career. Thank you for your support and encouragement I appreciate it so much!